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Legal Practices

Personal Injury
The combined extensive experience which Dlamini July Attorneys has in the specialized field of personal injury law means that we are well equipped to advise clients as to whether they might have a damages claim, with reference to the latest legislature and legal developments.

Dlamini July Attorneys believes in promoting a client’s right of access to justice by offering to act on a “no-win-no-fee” basis meaning that Dlamini July Attorneys carries the often significant expenses involved in litigating the claim right through to its conclusion. Our profile and track record also means that our clients gain access to our extensive panel of top medico-legal and other specialists and advocates.

We are able to provide sound and experienced advice concerning the assessment of personal injuries and the success factors in pursuing a legal claim for damages arising from such injury.
A person who has suffered a catastrophic injury as a result of negligence and misconduct may have a substantial claim for damages. Dlamini July Attorneys can advise you comprehensively about your options and rights.
We focus on personal injury cases arising from the failure of property owners who have a legal duty and responsibility for ensuring that their property is safe.
        Premises Liability
        Motor Vehicle Accidents
        Slip and Fall
        Construction Site Accidents etc.

Certain clients have suffered catastrophic injuries, in such instances a party may be able to claim damages arising from the negligence which has caused these life changing and devastating injuries.
At Dlamini July, we can advise our clients on the merits of our clients personal injury claim, informing them of whether or not they have a valid claim and the possibility of success. In the event that we believe a client has a valid personal injury claim, we can enforce our clients claim against the party legally responsible and will assist our clients in obtaining compensation for their injuries.

Commercial and corporate
Commercial and corporate
Clients are assured of sound, professional advice in any sphere of commercial
practice. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the business and economic environment in which our clients operate. We will work as part of our client’s business team and seek creative yet commercial solutions that meet our clients’ expectations.

We offer a comprehensive range of services and specialize in:
        Company law
        Debt recovery and financial recoveries
        Repossessions and foreclosures
        Commercial and corporate transactional advisory services
        Corporate governance in general
        Due diligence investigations’
        Risk and compliance assessments

Dispute Resolution
The department consists of highly qualified and experienced lawyers, who are able to handle any litigation, no matter how large or how complex, in the country.

The department provides litigation services to a broad client base of major corporate clients, SME’s and state authorities in all areas of law.

We offer a complete service in methods of dispute resolution. Our lawyers work together with clients to identify and execute the most advantageous business-oriented solutions, either by pursuing or defending arbitration or litigation proceedings, or through alternative methods, such as mediation. Our Dispute Resolution specialists are skilled in identifying the correct approach to disputes in order to influence outcomes more positively and manage risk most effectively.
Our lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of dispute resolution and are in a position to deal with any issue, no matter how complex.

At Dlamini July we institute and defend our clients in the following but not limited forums:

        Magistrate Court
        High Court
        Supreme Court of Appeals
        Equality Court
        Labour Court / Labour Appeal Court
        Tax court
        Arbitration, mediation and tribunals
        Commission for conciliation mediation and arbitration

Drafting services
We have extensive experience in drafting firm agreement and this includes but not limited to the reviewing and drafting of the following:

        General, commercial contracts
        Employment contracts
        Lease and options agreements
        Notarial leases, bonds and servitudes

Employment Law Services
Employment law has become increasingly complex with greater legislative intervention.
Keeping abreast of changes in legislation is demanding and non-compliance with legal obligations can be costly financially and can have a negative impact on employer-employee relations.

Our Employment Law practice has extensive experience and expertise in all contentious and non-contentious areas of employment law

Whatever employment issues you may have, we will walk with you to find the best solution. From planning, to action, to review – we are committed to taking a long view and providing just what you need, when you need it. Our expert guidance will put you in control, whether you are reviewing your existing arrangements, negotiating with unions, looking at expanding, considering redundancies or looking to reward your staff.
We will offer a bouquet of services that include but not limited to:

        Conducting and presiding disciplinary hearings
        Legal advice on employment law matters
        Advice on restricting
        Restraints of trade enforcement
        Grievance, disciplinary agreements
        Health and safety agreements
        Arbitration resolution
        Negotiations
        Mediation
        Psychology Mediation
        Environmental dispute resolution
        ADR techniques in commercial dispute
        Arbitration and mediation in the construction industry
        Directory of organizations in the dispute resolution field
        Labour dispute resolution
        Conciliation , Mediation and Arbitration
        Facilitation
        Arbitration in CCMA
        Arbitration in Bargaining Councils and Statutory Councils
        Private arbitration
        Pre dismissal arbitration agreement
        Conflict, grievances and disputes
        Dispute resolution in public service
        Administrative law and public sector employment